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METRO Magazine - July 2012

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In this Issue:


Special Report
Consultant Roundtable
While it is easy to blame the lack of dedicated funding for slowing down projects, consultants remain optimistic that they can help public transit agencies fill the gap.
Contractor Services
Using CNG, bus tracking software and customized local solutions, private contractors are stepping up to the challenge of saving even more money for transit operators.

Consultant Achievements
A sampling of consultant firms’ transit projects with descriptions of how they provide support and expertise. Includes detailed project information.

Rail Transit
U.S. High-Speed Program: Supporters Optimistic
The Obama Administration’s $10 billion-plus investment in the nation’s rail network has seen some success

Motorcoach Operator Q&A
Operators discuss how they are adapting to evolving equipment, tighter competition and different customer needs and weigh in on proposed safety regulations.

Vendor Managed Inventory
Working with a partner with similar goals has been rewarding for Ontario-based consortium, seeing parts price saving averaging around 15% to date.
Using Physical Security information Management Systems
PSIM technology provides an integrated “cockpit” view of different security, safety and operational systems and analyzing and correlating information across these different sub-systems in real time.

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