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METRO Magazine - July 2013

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In this Issue:


Special Report
Consultant Roundtable
Many are calling for the next transportation authorization bill to include increased funding and a clear vision for how public transit will be a part of the solution for the impending population boom.

Consultant Achievements
Highlights a sampling of consultant firms’ transit projects with description of how they provide support and expertise. Includes detailed project information.

Rail Transit
High-Speed Rail Reaches a Crossroads
While projects continue to make improvements to increase speeds in key corridors, the initial federal programs put in place to fund projects are drying up, making the key question – what’s next?

Contractors Bring Efficiencies, Share Success
Discussing projects ranging from university to paratransit to streetcar services, prominent players in the field customize services, use partnership models and make operations more sustainable.

5 Ways to Lower Motorcoach Insurance Premiums
How much money an operator can save depends on how they manage risk and improve their hiring and training practices.

Focusing on Day-to-Day Transit Security Part of Strategy to Mitigate Larger Threats
Transit security police forces are employing technology, high-visibility patrols and communication tools to harden their systems.

Developing a Successful Transit Facility Project
The final installment of the two-part series will focus on two significant decisions: selecting a contracting method and choosing an ideal design team.

Vehicle Wash Systems
Manufacturers discuss their latest bus and rail washing systems and factors to consider before you make a purchase, including lifecycle costs, maintenance, sustainability and budget.

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