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METRO Magazine - June 2011

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In this Issue:


Metro Research
Top Rail Projects Top $83 Billion
The Toronto Transit Commission takes top billing this year, with Canadian projects, overall putting together a strong show.

Rail Transit
Chicago Railcar Testing Reaches Home Stretch
The final design of the 5000 Series railcars will feature onboard video surveillance, aisle-facing seating and AC propulsion.
Utah Rail Plan Key to Sustainability
The commuter rail line and four light rail lines in the Frontlines Program will add 70 miles to the UTA’s existing 64-mile network.
Railcar Supplier Services
Realizing that the railcar is simply half of the equation, many vehicle suppliers are stepping up to offer services for every facet of ownership, form installation of rail to refurbishment and modernization.

Simulators for Driver Training
Simulators provide a safe environment for drivers to learn good driving habits and correct unsafe ones.

Improving Cost, Efficiency with Indoor Location Systems
New efficiencies AVI, brings are being extended into transit yard operations..

Trvel Training Options Take Pressure Off Paratransit
Transit agencies are relieving some of the cost coming from paratransit programs with travel training mobility centers, in-person assessments and more flexible bus routes.

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