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METRO Magazine - February/March 2012

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In this Issue:


Special Report
Are Transit Referendums the Silver Bullet
While 75% of state and local ballot measures to boost transportation passed in 2011, many are fighting an uphill battle.
Inventory Management
Overstocking leads to higher upfront overhead costs and increases obsolete inventory when fleets are retired

Rail Projects Accelerate Pase
The easing of the fiscal crisis has produced a situation where many deferred or stretched-out projects are now scheduled for service openings in the next two years.

Moving to Open Fare Payment
While the technology is still evolving transit systems are hoping to outsource collection activities, reduce risk and refocus time and effort on meeting their core goals.
Small Agencies, Big Challenges
Restrictive legislation, dwindling funds and growing paratransit needs are some of the issues that agencies serving small populations share.

FMCSA Probes Hours-of-Service
Listening sessions have began to solicit concepts, ideas and information.

Video Surveillance Evolves
Developments on the horizon in camera use, DVRs, Wi-Fi and information systems will help fleets increase efficiency.

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