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METRO Magazine - January 2014

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In this Issue

Top 50 Motorcoach Operators
While business was up for 62% of survey respondents, this percentage is lower than the last two years. However, the average increase operators experienced came in at about 30%, and every carrier who made the list plans to buy more vehicles.

Innovative Motorcoach Operators
METRO Magazine’s annual feature profiles distinctive operations hailing from San Francisco to Portland, Maine to highlight their practices and fleet technology.

Rail Crossing Safety in Effect
Safety messages can often go unheeded, so transit agencies are progressively changing their tactics to get people’s attention, whether by installing fencing, audible alerts, video campaigns, signage or flashing lights.

‘Rapid’ Growth Showcases APTA Chair’s Skills
Peter Varga’s theme, “America’s future is riding on public transportation” is reflected in his success at accommodating increasing ridership and improving job access at his transit system, and his work with APTA on a reauthorization plan.

Maintenance-Free Seating Top Trend
Other trends include varied fabric options, spacesaving flip seats and robust plastic models for ease of cleaning.

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