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METRO - Sepbember/October 2012

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In this Issue:


Metro Research
Top 100 Bus Fleets Survey
Implementing a fuel transition program and buying used buses are some tactics this year’s respondents are turning to.
GM Survey
The average transit exec spent 21 years in the industry, with an average annual salary of $113,000.

Special Report
50 Ways to Be a Top Transit GM
METRO surveyed more than 200 transit executives to find out what traits are important to becoming a great leader.
Women in Transportation
Profiles the achievements of seven women in the public transportation industry, ranging from public affairs manager for the Transportation Security Administration to a GM of a Texas-based transit system.

Buy America
Do government interventions help foster American manufacturing in public transportation? By and large, they help only marginally.
Locking Down Fare Evasion
LA. Boston, San Francisco and Atlanta are putting an end to ‘free rides’ with fare inspection crackdowns.

MAP-21 Impacts on the Motorcoach Industry
Bill includes “Grading System” and changes how the industry does business with public transit agencies.

Rail Transit
Real Costs, Value of HSR
A new economic value added model must be used to illustrate the total realizable benefits that can be obtained.

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