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Metro Magazine - Fact Book 2012

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METRO Magazine Fact Book 2012


Industry Outlook
Governments throughout the world relied in part on upgrading infrastructure with varying results on the industry that’s building there upgrades.

Industry Data
Federal appropriations, largest transit bus fleets, largest railcar fleets, bus rapid transit projects, paratransit figures, biggest motorcoach fleets, motorcoach sales numbers and more.

Bus & Chassis Manufacturers
Builders of transit buses, motorcoaches, trolleybuses, and shuttle buses, paratransit buses, and chassis

Railcar Manufacturers
Builders of passenger railcars.

Industry Suppliers
Expanded listing of contact information for companies that supply equipment, parts and services, with a cross-reference for easy identification.

Providers of consulting management operations and professional services for public transit, passenger rail and private bus operations.

Editorial Index
Listing of feature articles by category going back several years.

Public transportation terminology.

Industry Contacts
State-by-state national and international listings of organizations serving public transportation, with full contact information,
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