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METRO Magazine - August 2011

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In this Issue:


METRO Research
Paratransit Operators Cite Ever-Higher Demands for Service
Many providers are still looking to technology to cope. Travel training, which appears to be growing in popularity, may be a partial solution.

Special Report
Truning to Public Private Partnerships to Control Costs
One option to help keep costs down is replacing older vehicles through an accelerated vehicle acquisition plan that uses municipal leases.
Improving Fire Safety of Buses
About 1 percent of all buses suffer some form of fire incident each year. For years, the SP Tactical Research Institute of Sweden has veen at the forefront of research on improving bus fire safety.

Budget Woes Challenge Coach Operators with School Contracts
With many school cutting activities such as class trips an summer sessions, carriers are negotiating fuel contracts and benefiting from alternative vehicle scheduling.
APTA EXPO 2011 Preview
An overview of the industry’s largest transportation event in New Orleans with a complete list of exhibitors and a spotlight on advertisers.

Construction Firm Building America’s Transit Future
Major challenge is the surge of competition that has surfaced for a piece of the high-speed rail industry, which hasn’t materialized yet.

Bus Management Supplement
Includes a comprehensive bus showcase, with photos, specs, descriptions and a preview of BusCon 2011 in Chicago.

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