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METRO Magazine - June 2013

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In this Issue:


Special Report
Top Rail Survey
Project costs total $99 billion. New York City Transit tops this year’s list with $14.3 billion in projects.

Rail Transit
Sun Rail to Transform Florida’s Commuter Culture
Using an existing freight corridor, the 32-mile first phase will serve twelve stations an begin service in 2014.

Smaller Systems Face Fleet, Expansion Issues
Constrained federal funding is exacerbated in smaller areas where agencies are forced to do more with less.

New Apps Improve the Ride
For customers with mobile devices, safety is enhanced. New features include mobile ticketing and crowd-sourced information.

Operators Get Mobile Friendly
Mobile devices are now more popular than PCs Responsive Web design ensures the customers using them have quick, easy access to your website.

Track Maintenance Gets the Job Done Faster, Safer
The evolution of track maintenance technologies and services have made it possible to do certain tasks in less time, while keeping workers out of harm’s way.

Developing a Successful Transit Facility Project
Some factors that should be considered – funding sources, feasibility and site viability – before issuing a Request for Qualifications or Request for Proposal.

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