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METRO Magazine - April 2011

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In this Issue:


Special Report
BRT Survey: Land Use is Top Project Hurdle
Several survey respondents cited difficulties of complying with regulations across multiple municipalities and jurisdictions, including traffic signal priority agreements.

Special Report
Transit Fleets Come Clean as All-Fuel Technology Comes of Age
Today the maturation of attention fuels has made it easier for transit agencies to implement programs than it was for early adopters in the 1990s.

Rail Transit
Tucson’s Modern Streetcar Project Gets in Gear
The $196 million, 3.9-mile streetcar system will connect major activity centers, including the University of Arizona and Downtown Tucson.

Motorcoach Operators Balance Methods for Marketing
While motorcoach operators are getting more and more comfortable with using the internet as an effective way of marketing there is still much to be said about face-to-face interactions .

Web-Based Telematics Move Beyond Dispensing Data
As telematics technology costs decrease, systems are more accessible than ever. Whether offering maintenance or passenger benefits, often all that’s needed is a PC with an internet connection

Seating Options Focus on Seat Belts, Convenience and Compartmentalization
The largest upgrades focus on providing two-point and three-point seat belt updates, electronic amenity conveniences and improved passenger-safety designs.

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