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METRO Magazine - November/December 2012

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In this Issue:


Special Report
Combating Driver Fatigue a Tough Proposition
While accidents continue to occur because a driver was tired or fell asleep, many in the industry believe revamping federal regulations is not the answer.

Health Care’s Fraying Safety Net Challenges Medical Transportation
Paratransit and NEMT are overwhelmed with an uptick in Medicaid riders. The Affordable Care Act will make the influx even higher. Operators are facing changes in how they are funded and deliver transportation.

Preparing Rail Service for Events
Crowd control, ticketing and providing timely service can become challenging in the midst of large events. Establishing a command center, deploying volunteers and conducting media outreach can help.

University Transit Operators Talk Tech, Student Expectations
AVL technology, Wi-Fi, more real-time info and late-night service are being employed to accommodate campus transit users.

The Whys, Whats and Hows of Vehicle Graphics
As custom graphics is a growing trend in the transit industry, including anything from full vehicle wraps to digital signs, two companies reveal the creation process from A to Z and share their take on trends and benefits.

Get On the Road Now With Equipment Financing.
Even as transit agencies, municipalities, and tour and motorcoach operators meet new challenges in taking their operations to the next level, managers must consider all the available tools for acquisition of equipment.

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