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METRO Magazine - April 2012

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In this Issue:


Special Report
BRT Survey: Funding Levels Higher, Yet Still a Concern
Cited as the top challenge by on-fifth of surveyed operators. Coming in second was land use coordination at 17%.
Green Projects Help Transit Be More Sustainable Off the Road
Agencies are finding ways to be environmentally friendly beyond just purchasing alternative-propelled vehicles,

Rail Transit
Streetcar Projects Continue Breaking Ground
Federal officials look at new rules to make streetcars more eligible – but overall funding may be cut in budget battles.

UMA Expo Touts & Business Tools
Key presentations included NTSB, FMSCA chiefs discussing safety programs, while business executives talked brand building and marketing tactics.
Northfield Lines Expands via Fleet, Customer Diversification
John and Larry Benjamin, co-owners of the Minnesota-based business, have built up their company to become award-winning motorcoach and school bus operations.

Vehicle Lifts: More Affordable, Portable and Sustainable
Mobile column with many manufacturers and industry veterans forseeing improvements in the models efficiency and effectiveness.

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