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METRO Magazine - September/October 2011

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In this Issue:


METRO Research
To 200 Transit Fleets
Sixty-five percent of this year’s respondents report difficulty providing services due to steady ridership demands and decreased funding. NYCT holds the number one slot.
General Manager Survey
Raising fares and cutting service were top ways transit systems are handling challenges. The average transit executive salary totals $119,000

Special Report
Industry Movers & Shakers
Profiles of influential people in the public transportation industry, on both the public and private sides, from small business to large municipal agencies.
Women in Transportation
Highlights the achievements of 10 women with roles ranging from board member to deputy administrator of a federal agency to GM of a transit system.

Executive Dialogue
Bill Millar Exit Interview
Since coming to APTA in 1996, Millar has sought to expand the association’s reach and effectiveness, increasing federal investment in public transportation.
NABI Chief Steering Bus Manufacturing to the U.S.
With a plan to move manufacturing of bus structures to its Anniston, Ala., company CEO/President Jim Marcofuli is positioning NABI to be more cost and lead-time competitive.

Rail Transit
Job Pressures Beginning to Drive Rail Transit Agenda
Although nothing new, employment generation is the renewed focus of new federal and social spending on rapid transit projects.

Developing a Motorcoach Risk Management Program
The key to successful risk management for a motorcoach operation is to develop a trip risk analysis system, involving all departments of your operation.

Wireless Age for Digital Destination Signage Arrives
While larger agencies look to utilize the new software and wireless controllers to gain revenue through advertisements, smaller agencies can celebrate the dropping prices and long warranties.
New Flyer Offering Life-Long Supply Chain Bus Solutions
Company is adapting to become a one-stop shop of supply chain solutions and training tools as the relationship between transit operators and vehicle manufacturer becomes more interactive.

Special Section
APTA Exhibitor Showcase
Includes in depth showcase of some of the companies exhibiting at the APTA EXPO. Features contact info, description and QR codes,.

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