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Metro Magazine - May 2012

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In this Issue:


Special Report
Bus Maintenance Survey
Second annual survey finds many agencies around the nation are experiencing difficulties with alternative propulsion as they continue to add new equipment to service as well as learn new ways to make repairs to the vehicles.
Moving Beyond Inventory: Building a Supply Chain Network
The business case for building a new materials supply chain is strengthened by the clear cost savings derived.

Long Beach Transit Adds CNG
Already at the forefront of greening their fleet, the transit system begins phasing out diesel by taking on 64 CNG buses and outfitting a new fueling facility and revamping their maintenance garage.

Rail Transit
DCTA’s A-Train Breaks the Mold
The agency goes from inception to launching the 21-mile commuter rail system in approximately nine years. The project was built without the use of any federal funds.

6 Tips for Diversifying Offerings
Careful budget planning in advance, cross-utilizing resources, strategic partnerships and tapping into local employers are some ways to ensure a smooth expansion into new bus markets.

METRO’s 2012 Bus Showcase
In this roundup, METRO profiles 14 bus models and discusses their unique designs. Includes specifications, photos, and in-depth information on special vehicle features.

Exhibitor Showcase
APTA Bus & Paratransit Show
A preview of products and services that will be displayed at APTA’s annual conference, May 6 to 9, in Long Beach, Calif.

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