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METRO Magazine - November/December 2013

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In this Issue:


Special Report
Who Will Run Transit Tomorrow
Industry organizations and agencies are putting training and mentoring programs in place to instill leadership skills and attract and advance more women and young people. Young employees say more work is needed to raise the industry’s visibility to bring in talent.

Special Report
BusCon 2013 Expo Recap
More than 145 exhibitors showcased products and 64 vehicles were on display, including an unprecedented four electric vehicles. Safety and paratransit were major topics of focus in the educational sessions.

Tracking Progress: Light Rail Projects in the U.S. and Beyond
Systems in the U.S., Canada and Australia make inroads in financing, planning and operations.

Going the Extra Mile to Train Motorcoach Operators
Many operators are breaking away from typical 80-hour classroom/behind-th-wheel-type training programs and are providing additional training to increase safety; improve vehicle efficiency; or better prepare drivers to perform in unique, area-specific driving conditions.

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