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METRO Magazine - September/October 2013

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In this Issue:


METRO Research
Top 100 Transit Bus Fleets
Alternatively-propelled vehicles total 16,434 and make up 25% of the fleet totals reported for 2013, with natural gas leading the way.

METRO Research
GM Survey
Advertising at 81% is again the most used method of generating revenue, while 41% raised fares and 33% tapped public-private partnerships to bolster their coffers.

Executive Dialogue
New Flyer CEO Embraces Company’s Future
Following the acquisition of Orion Parts and North American Bus Industries, Paul Soubry says the company is poised to build and maintain its stature in the industry.

Bus Transit
MCI Commuters to Enhance Pace Rush-Hour Service
The Bus-on-Shoulder program has reduced travel times, while the new wheelchair lift-equipment vehicles include Wi-Fi, security cameras and plush seats.

Rail Transit
Rail Projects Continue in Climate of Fiscal Restraint
Despite growing demand for new rail investments, the strength of federal support will depend on new revenues. Meanwhile, strong local funding continues and private interest increases.

BAE’s Latest HybriDrive Cuts Fuel, Maintenance
Maximizing regenerative braking energy to power amenities such as air conditioning, the Series-E is offering transit bus operators 30% more fuel economy.

Intercity Bus Services Shake Up Competitive Landscape
Operating from curbside locations in many cities, BoltBus and Megabus have together grown by for than 35% over the past 18 months.

Special Report
Women in Transportation
Profiles of six women in public transit, with roles ranging from executive director of a state association to chief of staff for a west coast-based transit system.

Rail Transit
N.Y. MTA Works to Fix Impacts of Storms Past and Future
To address the $5 billion worth of damage as result of Hurricane Sandy, NYC Transit Implemented a massive reconstruction and mitigation campaign.

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