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San Antonio's BRT Service Offers Fast, Comfortable Transport

By Jay Srinivasan

Distinctive service features include modern, stylized 60-foot buses built by North American Bus Industries, which are powered by compressed natural gas and carry up to 90 passengers.

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San Antonio's BRT Service Offers Fast, Comfortable Transport
Distinctive service features include modern, stylized 60-foot buses built by North American Bus Industries, which are powered by compressed natural gas and carry up to 90 passengers.

Policy Expert Highlights BRT Advantages
What makes BRT projects stand out as a popular transit choice right now in the U.S., Art Guzzetti, VP, policy, American Public Transportation Association says, is its versatility.

Chicago Gets Jump On BRT
Chicago Transit Authority opened the city’s first BRT line and the first of four planned routes, the Jeffery Jump, in November of last year.

2013 BRT Survey: Coordination, Construction Top Challenges
While many operators cited receiving plenty of political and community support, they reported contending with difficulties in coordination with other jurisdictions, Departments of Transportation, transit agencies and city staff.

Trillium Completes Colo. CNG Station Install
Roaring Fork currently has four Gillig CNG buses with tank assemblies from Agility Fuel Systems, using Type III cylinders from Worthington-SCI, with delivery of the remaining 18 set to occur in July.

Central Ohio Moves Away From Diesel to CNG
A new facility is scheduled to begin operations this spring, and the agency just received its first 30 Gillig CNG buses in February.

Propane Fueling Kansas City Fleet
Ferrell Autogas is supplying the fuel station and dispenser and providing propane safety training for staff.

Sun Tran Adds Hybrids, Taps Biodiesel
Currently three-quarters of Sun Tran’s fleet exclusively utilizes biodiesel fuel, which is a domestically produced, renewable fuel that can be manufactured from vegetable oils, animal fats or recycled restaurant greases.

Green Report: Hydrogen Fuel Cells Gather Steam as Viable Fleet Option
U.S. transit systems testing the technology see economical as well as environmental benefits. Conversion to other alternative fuels — biodiesel, natural gas and propane autogas — continues growth.

Alternative Transit Project Delivery Offers Attractive Options
Although it is slow to take off in the U.S., there are plenty of possible benefits that could be derived through public-private partnerships, design-build and more. Experts are quick to point out, however, that it is not a magic bullet for completing construction projects.

Pub Perspective: The Congress that won't listen
A modest tax increase is at least better than a small program, which is what we are facing if the no-tax, sequester, governing-by-created-crisis madness continues to bleed a program that used to have bipartisan support.

Alstom Penetrates N.A. Light Rail Market
In late February, Alstom finalized a contract to provide 34 light rail vehicles and 30 years of maintenance services to the Rideau Transit Group consortium that was selected to design, build, finance and maintain the first line of the Ottawa Light Rapid Transit system.

Transit Seating Employs Economical Advances
Looking forward toward increased sustainability, manufacturers are focusing on preserving the lifespan of vehicle seats while reducing weight and adding features to increase flexibility and safety.

Tips for Tracking Motorcoach Quote-to-Close Ratios
Operators share practices crucial to boosting sales, including the use of data management software, engaging the customer and providing quick responses.

Braun Corp. founder, CEO dies
Among his contributions, Ralph Braun is remembered for his efforts to ensure that students with disabilities could get to and from school safely.

New OCTA chief takes helm
Under the direction of the board of directors, Darrell Johnson is responsible for planning, financing and coordinating Orange County’s freeway, street and rail development, as well as managing bus, commuter rail and paratransit service.

Ill. public transportation agencies fight conceal carry law
In February, Illinois legislators began debating a concealed carry law, including whether firearms should be allowed on public transportation.

METRO Magazine - April 2013