METRO Magazine - April 2015

COVER STORY: * 2015 BRT Survey * Q&A: L.A. Metro's Art Leahy * New GoMotorcoach Program Emphasizes Sales, Marketing

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2015 BRT Survey: Routes Tap Tech to Improve Regional Mobility
Fifty-four percent plan to use hybrid-electric propulsion for their vehicles, while 36% plan on using CNG.  One-third plan on tapping clean diesel for their fleet and only one operator plans to use trolleys.

Q&A: L.A. Metro's Art Leahy
The outgoing CEO discusses his successes, including five new rail projects currently under construction, and what his future holds.

New GoMotorcoach Program Emphasizes Sales, Marketing
In the process of a rebrand from the Motorcoach Marketing Council, the group is developing tools and training to help operators grow and expand service offerings.

New Technology Raises the Bar for Digital Signage
From clearer and brighter screens that adapt upon light exposure to multi-functional devices that reduce cost and effort, innovative operational ideas for the transit industry have emerged.


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