METRO Magazine - April 2016

COVER STORY: * BRT Project Focus: Corridor Updates in Ore., Nev. * *

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BRT Project Focus; Corridor Updates in Ore., Nev. (COVER STORY)
Insight on Lane Transit District's third EmX bus rapid transit service corridor for West Eugene, Ore., as well as RTC Washoe County's 4th Street/Prater Way line.

Motorcoach Study: Redefining Intercity Bus Travel

Dynamic scheduling, sophisticated pricing, reserved seating and even frequent traveler programs are giving the sector a makeover, with heightened competition bringing added turbulence to a once sleepy mode of travel.

Vehicle A/C Systems Focus on Evolving Tech, Efficiency

Supplier developments include electric solutions and brushless or improved brush motors, to meet the demands of the transportation industry.

Safety, Sustainability Help Vandalia Bus Lines Stand Tall

The family-owned business also prides itself in training and retaining safe, reliable drivers, while also using positions in associations to benefit the entire industry.


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METRO Magazine - April 2016