METRO Magazine - April 2017

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Bus Rapid Transit Focus (COVER STORY)

More U.S. cities are considering BRT as a cost-effective mode of transportation.  OCTA's two limited-stop routes offer more frequent bus service and faster commute times along two of Orange County's busiest transit corridors.

How Tokyo Metro Handles Rush Hour to Operate On Time

The company developed a promotion that incentivized people to use the train during off-peak hours instead.

Motorcoach Expo Offers Glimpse of Tech Future

Sessions covered how technology is influencing group travel choices and managing your operation's digital presence.  This marked the final event for long-time UMA President/CEO Vic Parra.

Passenger Seats Maximize Safety, Convenience

Three-point seatbelts, 110-volt outlets and non-traditional transit seating layouts offer an enhanced experience for both operators and passengers.

Operator of the Yer: Pacific Coachways

The father-son team of Tom and Michael Giddens has added new technologies to boost efficiencies and improve regulatory compliance.


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METRO Magazine - April 2017