METRO Magazine - April 2018

COVER STORY: * Charge! How to Integrate Electric Buses

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As Tech Matures, Transit Usage of Electric Buses Evolve (COVER STORY)

With many early pioneers now moving to larger implementation, advances are making it more possible for the vehicles to be used in a variety of service applications.

Creating Social Media Strategies to Boost Business

Creating content that people within your niche can reference or repost will help you gain organic and targeted followers.

Rail Hub is 'Economic Catalyst' for Chicago Community

The $203M reconstruction of the CTA's Wilson Red Line station included replacing century-old track, and building a new stationhouse.

Mobile Surveillance Eyes Safety, Accountability

New systems feature wide-angle cameras and automatic video retrieval, as well as hybrid options for operations looking to transition fro analog to digital.


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METRO Magazine - April 2018