METRO Magazine - February/March 2018

COVER STORY: * Moving to the Cloud Improving Transit Efficiency, Experience

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'Moving to the Cloud' Helps Transit Efficiency, Experience (COVER STORY)

As agencies look to move ITS and other systems to cloud-based servers, the doors open to integrate with other technologies.

Fort Worth "FLIRTS' with New Train Tech for Airport Link

The Fort Worth Transportation Authority's new 27-mile commuter rail service TEXRail is on track to connect passengers to DFW Airport by January 2019.

4 Ways Agencies Can Amp Up Asset Management

Benefits include the prospect of ensuring quality, safety and efficiency of their service through more confidence in budget projections, more formalized data collection, and efficient reporting procedures.

Generations of'Lessons Learned' Help Holiday Tours Thrive

The family run operation, celebrating its 40th anniversary, was named METRO Magazine's Motorcoach Operator of the Year at the 2018 UMA EXPO.


UMA President/CEO Stacy Tetschner presided over his first Expo, which was held in San Antonio.  In addition to vehicle and product offerings on the show floor, sessions and presentations focused on operator issues such as driver hiring, and new business opportunities.


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METRO Magazine - February/March 2018