METRO Magazine - January/February 2017

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Top 50 Motorcoach Fleets (EXCLUSIVE)

METRO's annual survey offers a snapshot of the latest challenges faced by operators and ways they are boosting business.  Includes a listing of top fleets by vehicle count.

Innovative Motorcoach Operators

Profile of three coach operations  and this year's winning operator, Green Bay, Wis.-based Lamers Bus Lines.

Passing Public Transportation Ballot Measures

While not all are successful, having a leader to be a champion and intense community education and outreach programs are key.

Maximizing Passenger Safety with Fire Suppression Systems

During recent years, some major research initiatives have been taken to develop standardized tests for engine compartment fires.

SUPPLEMENT: 'Hidden Factor' of Bus Accidents

ShuttleOps,our supplement for the public and private shuttle bus industry, includes info on the "hidden factor" of bus accidents caused by human error, university transit service technology, and products that improve vehicle accessibility.


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METRO Magazine - January/February 2017