METRO Magazine - June 2018

SPECIAL REPORT: * Consultants Tackle Technology, Mobility Growth

Featured Articles

Tapping Wireless Tech to Boost Rail Signaling Accuracy

Ultra-Wideband can provide five-centimeter accuracy location for all the cars in the tunnels with very low cost to deploy.

SPECIAL REPORT: Consultant Roundtable Addressing Mobility, Tech Growth

Executives weigh in on international industry trends, future investment in public transit, customer feedback, and the importance of a public-private perspective.

Caif. High-Speed Rail Update

Will whisk passengers from S.F. to L.A. in under three hours at 200-plus mph.

Alstom Redesigns Light Rail

The Citadis X05 is the latest evolution in the company's LRV range.


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METRO Magazine - June 2018