METRO Magazine - June/July 2016

EXCLUSIVE: * Consultant Roundtable 2016 * *

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Consultant Roundtable 2016 (EXCLUSIVE)
Taking advantage of streamlined project initiatives and alternative-funding models, and grooming future leaders as the aging workforce continues to move toward retirement are key issues.

2016 Rail Project Focus (Special Report)

An in-depth look at newly-launched projects in Los Angeles, Denver, and Kansas City as well as insight into Metra's implementation of a federal safety program.

Maryland's MARC Service Upgrades Fleet

The new bi-level Bombardier railcars feature additional seating, better communication systems and railcar diagnostic systems to help troubleshoot issues leading to fewer in-service failures.

Contractors Change Public Transit Model Via Technology

As more agencies shift from a traditional bus-only model to a multimodal system to cut costs and expand services, contractors are helping them adapt and grow with these new changes.

How To Perfect Your Motorcoach Marketing Program

Some "best practices" include "engineering an experience" for customers, use email marketing data, develop a responsive website and invest in a social media presence.


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METRO Magazine - June/July 2016
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