METRO Magazine - March 2017

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Fare Payment Upgrades Leverage Latest Tech Advances (COVER STORY)

Mobile app ticketing makes paying fares simple, while also speeding up boarding times and increasing efficiencies in the process.

Innovative Designs Help Bring Streetcars Back to Cincinnati

For the first time since 1951, streetcars are providing convenient and affordable public transportation in downtown.  The 3.6-mile Cincinnati Bell Connector is the first fully low-floor system in the U.S.

UTA Works to Overcome 'Toughest Mile'

Outside of increasing the number of riders on the system, improving first/last mile solutions can improve connectivity for, and the safety of, transit users.

Intercity Bus Outlook: Promising Year Ahead

Last year, ridership dipped in some markets, but not the Northeast where both services and competition are increasing.  While admittedly in its infancy, crowdsourcing motorcoach services is slightly on the rise.

Digital Signage Advances Delivered in Real Time

Improvements include readability, customization, and solar-powered products, while passenger information display options range from service arrival times and weather updates to surveillance footage.


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METRO Magazine - March 2017