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Long Beach Transit Takes Innovative Path

By Janna Starcic, Executive Editor

Adding CNG vehicles to its diverse fleet, building a fueling facility and refurbishing its maintenance garage are some of the projects the system has on its plate.

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Long Beach Transit Takes Innovative Path
Adding CNG vehicles to its diverse fleet, building a fueling facility and refurbishing its maintenance garage are some of the projects the system has on its plate.

Nonprofit's interest in public transit could break gridlock
While no substitute, this nongovernment, non-federal approach could be a welcome alternative strategy to the slow progress of reauthorization of federal policy on Capitol Hill.

Bentech pilots driver’s door designs in N.J., N.Y.
Bentech recently acquired a design contract valued at about $150,000 with New York City Transit to install 100 driver’s doors.

Workshop broadens transit emergency response awareness
Created specifically for communicators, APTA's Marketing and Communications Workshop Crisis Communications session, held in Miami in February, walked attendees through a scenario consisting of three incidents.

Enhancing independence through transit travel training
The ability to live a self-sufficient life is important to everyone, and the ability to travel between home and destinations of choice is an integral part of self-sufficient living. Some people with disabilities use paratransit services to get where they need to go while others use fixed-route systems.

Inventory Management: Building a Transit Supply Chain Network
The business case for building a new materials supply chain is strengthened by the clear cost savings derived by adopting unified sourcing, delivery and storage techniques.

A-Train Breaks the Mold
The agency goes from inception to launching the 21-mile commuter rail system in approximately nine years. The project was built without the use of any federal funds.

6 Tips for Diversifying Your Coach Offerings
Careful budget planning in advance, cross-utilizing resources, strategic partnerships and tapping into local employers are some ways to ensure a smooth expansion into new bus markets.

Maintenance Shops: Learning Curve Continues to Grow
Second annual Bus Maintenance Survey finds that many agencies around the nation are experiencing difficulties with alternative propulsion, as they continue to add new equipment in the shop to service as well as learn new ways to make repairs to the vehicles. Meanwhile parts issues, including concerns about availability, lead times and frequent failures, remains the biggest issue.

MBTA converts station, tunnel into training facility
Using grant money from the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), MBTA will convert the Oak Street railway into a “mock” train station to carry out drills, which will also be accessible to emergency responders from all surrounding cities and towns.

Bus safety app makes data more accessible
SaferBus provides access to safety records on approximately 6,000 interstate commercial passenger carriers operating in the U.S., which includes privately operated motorcoach, school bus and tour bus companies.


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