METRO Magazine - May 2015

COVER STORY: * Maintenance Survey * Sacramento RT Transforms with Bus Fleet Upgrade,Rail Expansion * Motorcoach Pricing

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2015 Bus Maintenance Survey
One hundred percent of respondents say filters are the parts they buy most often, while both diesel and alternate-fueled vehicle usage is growing, compared to last year.

Sacramento RT Begins Transformation with Bus Upgrades, New Rail Services
In addition to adding 30 new CNG buses built by Gillig, the agency is developing a 3.3-mile streetcar line to complement its exisitng light rail services.

Sacramento's 'Long-Awaited' Blue Line Extension on Track
The 4.3 mile project, one of the highest priority transit initiatives in the region, features an eight-berth transit center, two light rail bridges, and a multi-use hike-and-bike trail.

Motorcoach Industry Selling More than Price
While a demand/yield pricing model helps keep an operator's eye on the bottom line, many in the industry focus on selling their operation as a service rather than a commodity.

A New Wave of Fire Suppression On Board Vehicles

New and improved systems help detect any signs of a fire, even before flames come into play.  Better detection leads to a quicker and more efficient response.

Upgrading a Facilify for CNG: What You Need to Know

An often overlooked or misunderstood aspect of a CNG project is the garage upgrade.  Upgrades are necessary to ensure safe operation with CNG vehicles in existing maintenance or vehicle garage facilities.

Does Your Battery Pack Enough Power?

Newer generation batteries are spill-proof, eliminating the added costs and risks of traditional flooded lead-acid batteries, while also providing high vibration resistance and flexible orientation.


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METRO Magazine - May 2015