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2013 Top 100 Transit Bus Fleets: Innovate with Tech, Green Vehicles

Alex Roman, Managing Editor

Alternatively-propelled vehicles total 16,434 and make up 25% of the fleet totals reported for 2013, with natural gas leading the way.

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2013 Top 100 Transit Bus Fleets: Innovate with Tech, Green Vehicles
Alternatively-propelled vehicles total 16,434 and make up 25% of the fleet totals reported for 2013, with natural gas leading the way.

Pub Perspective: Consistent transit policy eludes administration
The administration needs to understand that these and many other actions contradict the president’s repeatedly stated desire to see public transportation grow and be part of needed economic change in the U.S.

2013 Women In Transportation: Lauren Skiver
Lauren Skiver achieved goals when she was tapped as the CEO for the Delaware Transit Corp., operating the DART First State statewide transit system, a mid-size property with 500 revenue vehicles, which also runs contracted commuter rail through SEPTA.

2013 Women In Transportation: Joyce Rose
From the age of 12, Joyce Rose planned to teach music, which she did for a couple of years after she graduated college. She hadn’t foreseen a passion for legislation eventually leading her to down a different path to Capitol Hill.

2013 Women In Transportation: Kate Riley
Born in Seattle into a fairly large family, Kate Riley had hopes of moving to Arizona to become a nurse. Instead, her father persuaded her to take management courses at a local college.

2013 Women In Transportation: Virginia Miller
Despite dreams of growing up to be an astronaut, an archeologist, a dancer, and at one time, an Olympic gold medalist for swimming the backstroke, Virginia Miller decided she wanted to be a social studies teacher, with a stretch goal to be a Congresswoman.

2013 Women In Transportation: Kristen Joyner
Like many other transit professionals, Kristen Joyner fell into public transportation while looking to change careers. Born in El Dorado, Ark., and growing up in a family of teachers, she taught piano and music classes and majored in voice and piano at Arkansas Tech University. Her goal was a career in music therapy.

2013 Women In Transportation: Sharon Cooney
Born into a large family with six siblings in the Philadelphia area, Sharon Cooney learned early on in life a skill that has been key to her successful career: always observe and listen to others and figure out what motivates them

2013 GM Survey: Funding, Politics Top Challenges
Advertising is again the most-used method of generating revenue (81%). Forty-one percent raised fares, while 33% tapped public-private partnerships to bolster their coffers.

N.Y. MTA Works to Fix Impacts of Storms Past and Future
The entire MTA transportation network suffered an estimated $4.755 billion worth of damage as a result of Superstorm Sandy. To address the damage, NYC Transit set up dedicated staff in all departments to develop and implement a massive reconstruction and mitigation campaign.

Intercity Bus Shake Up Competitive Landscape
Shunning traditional stations by operating from curbside locations in many cities, BoltBus and Megabus have together grown by more than 25% over the past 18 months. Growth pains, however, are evident. Building product awareness has proven difficult in some regions.

BAE Systems' Latest HybriDrive Solution Cutting More Fuel, Maintenance
Maximizing regenerative braking energy to power amenities such as air conditioning, the Series-E is offering transit bus operators 30% more fuel economy and reducing emissions, noise and maintenance costs.

New Rail Projects Continue in Climate of Fiscal Restraint
Despite the growing demand for new rail investments, the strength of federal support will depend on new revenues. Meanwhile, strong local funding continues and private interest increases.

MCI Commuter Coaches to Enhance Pace Service
The Bus-on-Shoulder program has reduced travel times and improved on-time performance. The new wheelchair lift-equipped vehicles include Wi-Fi, security cameras, special graphics, luggage racks and plush seats.

New Flyer's Soubry Embraces Company's Bold Future
Following the acquisition of Orion Parts and North American Bus Industries as well as the introduction of the new MiDi™ bus, the company’s president/CEO says it is poised to build and maintain its stature in the industry.

How Transit Agencies Can Put Sustainability into Their Contracts
Conventional wisdom figures that transit agencies would naturally lean toward sustainability. After all, getting people out of their cars and reducing their carbon footprint is a major selling point to many massive public works projects, especially in congested regions with progressive constituencies.

SEPTA enhances customer outreach through Twitter
@SEPTA_Social’s major advantage as a customer service tool is that agents can use it to talk to many people at once, as opposed to phone calls and emails which can only help one customer at a time.

Arlington, Texas launches first mass transit service
The two-year MAX pilot program is being funded through three local partners as well as an FTA Job Access and Reverse Commute grant.


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METRO Magazine - September/October 2013