METRO Magazine - September/October 2015

SPECIAL REPORT: * The 'Uber Effect': Will New Ride Services Reinvent Transit? * Woman in Transportation *

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SPECIAL REPORT: The 'Uber Effect': Will New Ride Services Reinvent Transit?
On-demand ride-brokering services, such as Uber, are transforming the taxi and limo industries, but public transport could be next.

Top 100 Transit Bus Fleets

Agencies focus on ways to grow millennial usage by adding USB charging stations, Wi-Fi, and real-time bus arrival technologies.

Positive Train Control Debate

With the debate looming to implement the mandated rail safety technology, transit systems are faced with possible shutdown of services.

Looming Bus Capital Crisis Fuels Funding Fight

Aging bus fleets are less safe, cost significantly more to operate and greatly contribute to the poor community image of many transit systems.

SPECIAL REPORT: Women in Transportation

Profiles of four women in public transit, with roles ranging from chief operating officer of a transit system to VP, operations, for a private contractor.

Q&A with New Flyer's Soubry

Talks revamping NABI's Alabama plant, using multiple propulsion systems and the future of green technologies, including hydrogen fuel-cells.

Motorcoach Roundtable

With the industry again experiencing growth, operators are taking advantage of the opportunities their regions are presenting, while also dealing with unique challenges.

Bike Storage Solutions Adapt to Multimodal Commuter Needs

Suppliers have been able to add more bike positions on racks and create furniture and storage solutions at rail stations and transit malls.


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